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I’ve finished the yoga portion of Ultimate Yogi Day 2.   I’ve taken to doing Ultimate Yogi on weekends, as I normally would go to yoga classes on Saturdays.  It does take me both Saturday and Sunday to complete each Ultimate Yogi workout set.  Odd days of the program have abdominal workouts and meditation, in addition to the yoga workouts, and even days have meditation after the yoga workouts.  There is a meditation disc with the set, but that video is reserved for specific workout days.  As I prefer some guidance and background music for meditation until I get more experience with it, I’ve picked up some meditation DVDs from the library.

I would say that the level of both Days 1 and 2 would be intermediate/advanced, although a beginner who is familiar with down dog, planks, cobras, and warrior poses could do the workout.  I will say that if you are beginning yoga and are not yet strong, keep with it, rest as needed (child’s pose), and you will build strength over time.  I would also recommend that beginners space out the yoga workouts so that they’re not every day, as you will be sore…  You will also want to have a yoga block.  I’ve found yoga blocks to be very helpful.

Out of the two yoga workouts so far, I would say that there have been many, many vinyasas.  You flow through them quite a bit.

Why does it take two days to complete one workout set?  Anyone out there have kids?  Ever have to stop a pose to:

  • change a diaper
  • feed a baby
  • get a child that has woken up from a nap
  • stop a child from pulling everything off your bookshelf, including opening up all of your DVD cases
  • track down your yoga blocks which are being used as either teething toys or blocks, and your child has scattered them all over the room
  • turn the TV back on after your child uses the remote to turn it off

Thus, it takes two days…

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I just used a gift card to get a copy of Ultimate Yogi.  I’m pretty excited about it.  It’s a multi-disc yoga set with 108 yoga workouts (I believe).  Yup.  I won’t get bored with this set.  It’s been listed as quite challenging, so that’s good, too.  I will say this, I know it’s going to take me much more than 108 days to finish it, as I know I won’t be able to do yoga every day.  I work full time.  I’m a mom.  My family spends quality time in the great outdoors together every day, because we see that as one of the most important things for our family.  Something will come up, such as, say, no time!  It may get to where I only do the workouts on the weekends, although it would be nice to workout throughout the week.  Yoga definitely helps you stay in shape and it really helps your mind chill.

Let’s talk frugality.  I’ve gotten yoga passes to nice yoga places and I definitely love going to classes.  However, it can really add up.  The workouts are often longer than those on many DVDs and the classes are often more challenging, as they are often geared to many levels.  You get to see other people doing yoga, many of the more advanced ones doing some really cool things.  You often challenge yourself more in a class, because you can’t just up and turn off the DVD and leave the room!  So, use a gift card for 108 workouts on DVDs (Free) or pay an average of $1,080 or more for the same number of classes…  So, I will try the DVDs.  I’m either going to love the workouts or hate them.  We’ll see!

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