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Volunteering Again

I recently applied to volunteer at the hospital again over the summer.

One of my tasks is to sew pillow forms at home, which is great, as I have a lot of time to sew at home.  If someone has abdominal or heart surgery, they get a decorative pillow as a gift from the volunteers.  They have volunteers to cut out the fabric and stuff the pillows, but they needed someone to construct/sew the pillow forms so that they are ready for stuffing, so I construct the pillow forms.

I also went in to do some volunteer work at the hospital.  I thought that I would be working in the gift shop or doing clerical work, so I went in wearing the normal volunteer uniform.  When I got there, I turned in the pillow forms I had completed, picked up fabric to make several more, and sat down with the volunteer coordinator to find out what I would be doing that day.

She asked if I wanted to go back to the Newborn Nursery as a short-term sub.  I was so excited!  I used to volunteer in the nursery, but quit when I started grad school.

I changed into scrubs and went to the nursery.  I chose to partner with another volunteer, to refresh on skills, learn about any new technology or tasks, and to make sure I knew where supplies were, as their locations could have changed.  We had a great time.  We bathed babies, stocked supplies, and cleaned cribs/warmers.  We also took supplies to patient rooms, such as if they needed formula.

I can’t wait to go back!  In the meantime, I need to shorten the length of my scrub pants.  I had them rolled up today, so I’ve got to get sewing!

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