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The Modest Swimsuit

I got a new, modest swimsuit. It’s from Modestly Yours Swimwear.  You send in your measurements and they make a suit to your size.  There’s great e-mail communication to make sure that all of the suit details and measurements are correct before they finalize your order and begin sewing.  My suit is very comfortable and fits perfectly.  It’s a dress top with matching leggings.  You pick your fabric pattern, sleeve type, skirt style, etc.  There are many options.

Last year, I tried several modest swimsuits from other companies (Click here and here).  I found that modest tankini suits and suits that were swim tops and skirts were not modest enough for me.  Tankinis did not cover my bust area well and they often didn’t fit right.  Tankinis and swim tops would float up in the water.  I didn’t feel covered enough with a swimsuit brief, and often felt the need to be covered up with a skirt, pair of shorts, or a swim cover-up dress on top of my suit.

I’m pleased with the skirt and legging combination on my new suit.  I also like that it is high in front and it has cap sleeves.  I won’t have to wear as much sunscreen.

I went to do some laps at the pool the other day.  With freestyle, the suit had a bit of drag and I felt a little more buoyant when I did breaststroke.  I may add some snaps or velcro at the bottom of the skirt, because it likes to float up very slightly when you’re standing still in the pool.  The leggings keep you covered, so there’s no modestly issue.

Lisa, from Modestly Yours Swimwear, shared with me that they have a more sporty suit called the Caribbean Sport, meant for sports and more active swimming.  It has a more fitted skirt in the hip area, thus having less skirt to float around, with side slits (over the leggings) for more ease of movement.  I feel it would have less drag, and if I purchase a second suit, I would probably get this one, just for doing laps and races.  I can definitely see myself doing a triathlon in one!

Modestly Yours Swimwear also gives you the option of adding a snap to the bottom of the hem of the skirt of your suit.  You snap the front hem to the back hem on the inside of the suit.  It keeps the skirt down while swimming and can be easily unsnapped when out of the water.  I decided to wait on this option, because I knew I could add one if I thought it was necessary.

Overall, I liked being more modest at the pool.  When I finished swimming, I just grabbed a towel and hopped in the car.  I didn’t have to worry about an extra cover-up.

I think the suit will be great for the beach, water parks, and canoeing as well.


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