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Pregnancy Swim Set #5

This swim set has no warm up, no drills, and no cool down.  It’s just straight intervals.  Go at an easy pace that’s comfortable for you.

Distance:  450 yards/meters

Pregnancy Swim Set #5:

  • Repeat the following three times:  4×25 freestyle, 2×25 breaststroke

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This swim set is for when you find yourself swimming like a slow whale, no matter how hard you try to swim like a speedy seal.

This equals 450 yards or meters, depending on your pool.  If you’re swimming slowly, it might take you 20-30 minutes to complete.

Pregnancy Swim Set #4:

  • Warm up:  4 x 25
  • Drills:  2 x 25 kicking
  • Pyramid:  25-50-75-50-25
  • Cool down:  3 x 25 (consider alternating breaststroke and freestyle)

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Pregnancy Swim Set #3

Here is the third pregnancy swim set:

The distance is 500 yards/meters (depending on your pool).

Swim Set #3:

  • Warm up – 4 x 25
  • Drills:  2 x 25 kick, 2 x 25 fist swimming (Swim with your hands in fists instead of flat hands.)
  • Intervals:  4 x 50 fast/slow (For each 50, swim the first 25 at a faster paced freestyle.  Swim the second 25 a relaxed breaststroke or freestyle.  Your fast pace is whatever is comfortable for you.  Don’t do a full out sprint, just swim faster.  Try flip turns if they feel comfortable.)
  • Cool down – 1 x 100 freestyle (easy pace)

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Pregnancy Swim Set #2

Here is another swim set.  Remember to swim at a comfortable pace and rest after each 25 or 50 if you need to.

The distance comes to 500 meters or yards (depending on your pool).

Swim Set #2:

  • Warm up – 6 x 25 freestyle (easy pace)
  • Drills – Kicking:  2 x 25 freestyle kick, 2 x 25 breaststroke (or freestyle) kick – remember to kick gently on the breaststroke kick, unless you can handle a stronger kick
  • Intervals – 2 sets of (1 x 25, 1 x 50, 1 x 25) – comfy pace
  • Cool down – 2 x 25 breaststroke

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Have you ever searched for a pregnancy swim set?  There’s nothing out there.  The searches produce tips about appropriate swimwear and conflicting advice about what strokes you shouldn’t do.

For those of you that used to do triathlons or jog or do other high-impact, strenuous workouts, but are now happy with calmer workouts of yoga, easy swimming, and walking, here is a pregnancy swim set.

This workout might take about 20-30 minutes to swim, assuming you are swimming at a comfy (non racing) pace, and that you are taking frequent breaks, such as resting after each lap.  Stop after each 25 to catch your breath and assess how your body is handling the swimming.  Start the next 25 when you feel ready.  Don’t put yourself on timed intervals unless you can handle it.

Remember, this workout is for someone who just wants a relaxing swim!  If you’re looking for pregnant triathlon swim sets, I’m sorry to disappoint!  (I’m also not a medical professional, so this is not medical advice!)

Total distance = 450 (yards or meters, depending on your pool)

  • Warm up – 4 x 25 (freestyle at comfortable pace)
  • Drills – 2 x 25 stroke only, no kicking; 2 x 25 single-arm swimming with kicking (first 25 left arm, second 25 right arm)
  • Workout – 4 x 25 (comfy pace); 4 x 25 – alternate one length comfy pace and one length moderate (swim a little faster, kick a little harder, reach your strokes out farther ahead of you, and pull a little harder – not racing pace, unless you can handle it)
  • Cool down – 2 x 25 (breaststroke, easy pace – consider breathing every other stroke, keeping your head under water when not taking breaths)

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I went swimming at the local pool this morning.  I wore a one-piece suit (not my swim dress with leggings) and did an easy workout of 200 warm-up, 4 x 25 drills, and 200 cool down.  I showed up 15 min. before the end of lap time, so that was great until 10:00 hit.  Then, all of a sudden, a kid showed up in my path, out of nowhere, and it’s a good thing I was looking where I was going.  I then had to move to the single lap lane, which had people doing side-by-side, so I had to keep an eye out until I got their attention and could make sure we could all go in a circle.  After that, I still kept an eye out.

For breakfast today, I had yogurt, Kashi cereal, and an apple.  For lunch, I had half a sandwich, and a salad with ham and avocado.  Dinner was Chinese food, so oh well on that.  At least I ate well for two meals.

Yesterday, I got on the stationary bike for 20 minutes.  I’m happy that I’m able to get in some variety in exercise this week.  It’s not much, and I’m definitely taking it easy, but at least I’m cross training.  This is probably going to be the only week this summer that I’m at home instead of out of town, with no teacher workshops and no grad school.  By the way, grad school starts up again on Saturday.  I might go to a Relief Society meeting with my friend on Thursday, but that’s all I have planned.  I’ve been watching lots of movies and reading, so it’s been very relaxing.

I had a SpaFinder gift certificate, so I went for a facial today.  The people at the spa were very nice, and they wanted to make sure that you were comfortable and pampered.  It was really nice.

On a side note, I have the Wii Dance on Broadway game and I’ve been playing it practically every day.  It’s definitely more of a workout than Wii Sports.

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Modest Swimwear

A few months ago, I purchased a custom modest swimsuit from Modestly Yours Swimwear.  It’s made to your measurements and is two pieces:  a dress top and leggings.  You can wear it to the water, in the water, and around about after.  My family and friends always think it’s a dress!

I’ve worn it to swimming pools and to the beach, wearing it in the car all the way there.  I didn’t need additional cover ups.  It fits perfectly and I can’t see myself going back to regular swim suits when I’m at the beach, waterparks, etc (although a regular, modest suit would probably be better for swimming laps).  I have a snap at the bottom of the skirt so that the skirt turns into shorts when I’m in the water.

Here’s a picture from the beach:

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