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Valentine’s Day, Part 2

This Valentine’s Day in my classroom, each child brought or decorated a container for their valentines. Using an idea I saw on nobiggie.net, I decided to decorate a bag myself. I have to say that the lovely lady on nobiggie.net is one of the most creatively-crafty people that I know, and she has detailed photos that show you how to make this craft. Warning: you will get covered in glue!!!



I layered pink and red construction paper on a brown lunch sack. Then, I folded a strip of paper like a fan, connected the edges, and flattened it. To keep it flat, I glued a heart on one side and a small square of paper on the other. I put a banner with my name on the heart, and then added strips of paper to make it look like an award (or whatever you want to call it).

On the door of my classroom, I made a banner with these decals that spelled out “Happy Valentine’s Day!”



You can also decorate birthday hats and make these decals for other holidays.  Nobiggie.net has more ideas for how to use these crafts. She also has a link to a video of Martha Stewart making some.

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Valentine’s Day, Part 1

This Valentine’s Day, my sweet husband got me a fantastic garden organizer. For the organizer, you purchase a 5 gallon bucket and put the organizer over it like a slip cover. It has pockets on the inside and outside of the bucket. It’s fantastic! My sweet husband picked out a bucket with a comfy foam handle. He also got me a lovely pair of garden gloves that keep my hands dry! He’s such a sweetie!


Now, when I go to various parts of my yard, I can carry everything that I need with me! Wondering why I have an electric screwdriver and drill bits in my garden bucket? Earlier this week, I made a chicken wire cage to keep critters out of my raised bed veggie garden.

Check back tomorrow to see a craft idea I used for Valentine’s Day in my classroom.

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