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I’m somewhere out there.

I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Education today.  Hooray!

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I’m doing a research course for one of my classes this semester.  It involves learning how to do research, as well as reading lots of research articles.  Everything I’ve read so far has taken forever to read, because I don’t know what half the words mean.

Here’s a line or two from an article I’m trying to read right now.  I don’t have a clue what it’s talking about:

A principle axis factor analysis with promax rotation yielded the cleanest factor structure.  Eigenvalues and scree plots suggested that four factors be extracted from the data.

Care to know how many words from that I actually understand?

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Saturday, June 12

I’ve been in the midst of grad school.  I’m doing two summer sessions, 2 classes each (total of 4 classes for the summer), four weeks per class.  All of my classes are online, twice a week for three hours per class.  I go in person to campus once every two weeks.

I’ve just completed week one and turned in 7 assignments.  This doesn’t count the reading we have to do.  I also met with my small group (4 of us) to work on a group project that’s due in three weeks or less.  We’re rolling quickly this summer!

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