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I have a confession to make about my FlyLady work.  I did great during the summer time, but once work and grad school started up, I started slacking.  I don’t swish and swipe my bathroom every day.  I don’t shine my sink every night.

My wonderful husband has been helping me out so much.  He takes care of the laundry, dishes, and lots of cleaning.  He’s been helping more and more with meals.  He’s helped me with ironing, and he makes the bed more than I do!

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Control Journal BabyStep 4 – For this step, you write out your After Work routine.  When I get home from work, I’m exhausted, very hungry for dinner, and my feet ache so much that it hurts to walk.  All I want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV or read a book…with dinner…for the rest of the evening.

For this step, you change clothes, including lace-up shoes, start dinner, fill the sink with soapy water to clean as you cook, sit down and drink water, and also set the table.  I have to say, once I sit down with that water (my favorite part), I do not want to get back up!

My lace-up shoes

Soapy water for cleaning as I go

The table set for dinner - including candles! (pre-vegan pic)

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Control Journal BabyStep 3 – For this step, you write out your Morning Routine.  This has several more steps than the Before Bed Routine, and I often cannot do (or don’t feel like doing) all of the steps in the morning.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t always feel like giving the bathroom a quick clean in the morning!  I’m a procrastinator!!  The list also includes putting away dishes, making the bed, checking the calendar for appointments, etc.

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Control Journal BabyStep 2 – You write up your Before Bed Routine.  I love that it only has 3 steps.  You shine your sink, brush your teeth, and set out your clothes for the next day.  Getting my clothes ready is a great step, as I often need to iron things.

Clothes ready for the morning

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In an attempt to keep my house neat and clean, I keep going back to the FlyLady’s advice.  I have her book, I’ve tried her control journal, and I’ve done the Baby Steps on her website.  Then, work and grad school kick in again and keep me super busy.  Thus, the wonderful FlyLady steps don’t always get utilized.

This summer, before school started up again, I decided to renew my usage of the FlyLady steps.  Before, I had a complete Control Journal, with many, many steps.  I noticed recently that the FlyLady has put out control journal steps that are much simpler and step-by-step.  Thus, I decided to try again.

Control Journal BabyStep 1 – Find a binder and put some paper in it.

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