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The July Ensign had a great tip for choosing Family Home Evening ideas.  It mentioned having 3 jars with ideas on strips of paper for songs, stories, and games.

I would like to do a simplified FHE on Mondays.  Our FHE would consist of dinner, an activity, and dessert.  To make planning much easier, I wrote ideas for activities and treats on colored paper and put them folded in jars.  This way, I can draw one of each color to help me plan FHE.

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Two-Time Ticket to Ride Tie

My husband and I played Ticket to Ride, or “Trains” as we like to call it last night for Game Night (A.K.A. our version of Family Home Evening).  Last week, we each one a game, but were only a few points apart.  This week, we each won a game as well, but the winner left the other person in the dust each time.  I can’t wait until next week!

 Each time you play, you try to come up with some strategy that will help you to win, such as drawing tons of playing cards, playing the longest train routes, or getting all of the good routes first.  No matter what I try, I still don’t have a good “feel” of how to manipulate things and win every time.  Still, it’s a fabulous game, and I can’t wait until next week’s rematch!

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