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If you’ve been looking for a way to organize ideas for Date Night, Family Home Evening activities, or Family Night, activities, here’s an idea for you.

Online, you can find jars or index card boxes full of ideas, but you usually draw out a random idea.  I’ve come up with a way to not only select ideas, but to display them, so everyone knows what you’ll do that week.

I had this magnetic, dry erase menu board that I haven’t been using…

You can see how the back has some nice magnets on it.

I cut paper to fit.

I used two colors.  You can use one.  I wanted to leave the dry erase marker holder, so I cut notches on the paper to fit around it.  I attached the paper to the board with dot runner glue.

I found these amazing labels here.  I printed out about four sheets.

I used a Sharpie marker to write down ideas for Date Night/Family Night.  I also left some labels blank, and  I covered two of the blank labels with packing tape, so that they could be written on with a dry erase marker.  That way, we have extra labels for adding more ideas to the board.

You’ve got to have a Mystery Date card!  Those are often the best dates!  One time, my husband said we were going to the movies, but I had no idea which movie we were going to until he bought the tickets.  It was a fantastic surprise!

I used Tacky Glue to glue paper to both sides of two clothespins.  I would have used hot glue, but my hot glue gun is packed away inside my classroom for the summer.

I used paper to make pockets for the extra idea cards and blank cards, and glued down the pockets with stick glue. I also put a dry erase marker in the holder at the top of the board.  Since it’s magnetic, you can put it on your fridge, so that everyone will see what your planned activities will be for the week.

You can even label the clothespins, such as His/Hers, Parents/Kids, or Family Time/Date Night.  That way, you can have more than one idea up on the board at a time, or more than one person can select each week.

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VisitingTeaching.Net has a great Daughters in My Kindgom Bookmark that you can print out.  You can print it in color, but I don’t have a color printer.  I printed some out, covered them in packing tape, punched a hole in the ends, and added ribbon.

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Making Earrings

I while back, I wanted to have some new earrings.  To be frugal, I decided to learn how to make my own.  I purchased a how-to book, a few strands of beads, a storage box, and some additional supplies.

It was surprisingly easy.  I think the hardest parts were choosing the designs and twisting the wire into a loop.  I was very pleased with the results and I was happy to have earrings that matched my outfits.

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I decided to make my own pocket calendar after a fruitless search for one that I liked.  I took a used mini-composition book and covered it with scrapbooking paper and packing tape.  Then, I printed out mini calendars, cut them out, and glued them into the book.

Since then, I’ve also added a price book to my calendar book.  I printed out mini spreadsheets that allow me to write store names, dates, prices, item sizes, and prices per unit, with one page per item.  Every time I find a better price, either in a store or in a grocery ad, I write it in the price book.  Now, when I see chicken breasts for $1.97 a pound, I can look in my price book and see that they went for $1.29 a pound last month. It really helps me to save money.  (I got the price book idea from Family Feasts for $75 a Week, which was written by Mary at Owlhaven.)

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