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Since I finally was able to produce a decent loaf of GF bread that actually looked and tasted like bread, I’ve tried a couple more recipes and GF four blends.

I’m sure many of you know how expensive it can be for certain GF flour ingredients. I came across one blend that uses sorghum flour, corn starch, harina masa (corn flour), and brown rice flour. I like that this blend is a lot more frugal. Harina masa and corn flour can be purchased inexpensively, and often with store brands. We are blessed to have a very powerful blender, so I purchase inexpensive bags of brown rice and make my own brown rice flour by tossing the rice in the blender In small batches. That leaves only the sorghum flour as the more expensive purchase of the four items. This, of course, is not counting the highly expensive, but very necessary xanthan gum!

My most recent recipe for GF flour has been to use a favorite wheat bread recipe and modify that.  I use my GF flour blend instead of the regular flour, and I add xanthan gum.  I increase the water as needed, and I add three eggs (not sure on the science of it, but it helps).

Most of the loaves I’ve made recently have been soft, fluffy, and springy when out of the oven.  That can change after freezing.  Often, the GF bread comes out of the freezer very crumbly.  Therefore, I’m still working on a recipe that is frugal, tastes good, and freezes well.  In the meantime, I at least have a couple of recipes that will make do, especially if they are not frozen!

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