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October Garden

Now that it’s colder out and we’ve had a couple freezes, my garden doesn’t look as good as it did a couple of months ago.  Here are some pictures of my garden from mid-October:

Oct Garden1 Oct Garden2 Oct Garden3 Oct Garden4 Oct Garden5

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Green Smoothie Recipes

I love green smoothies.  On days I don’t have them, I often feel so hungry.  They were also a great way to have bananas when my blood sugar would skyrocket from having a banana by itself.  When eating bananas in green smoothies, my sugars would stay under control.

I don’t like having to get out ingredients, make the smoothies, clean the blender, etc. every day.  Therefore, I make a large batch about once a week.  Plus, I buy my smoothie greens pre-washed.  If I open the container, I find it better to use all of the greens at once.  Leaving the open container in the fridge for a couple days until I make more smoothies often leads to spoiled greens.


Green Smoothie1 Green Smoothie2 Green Smoothie3

Version One (2 jars):

kale/spinach – 1/2 package

whey protein powder or yogurt – 2 scoops powder or 2 cups yogurt

water – 1-3/4 cups (use less if using yogurt)

bananas (2)

strawberries (1-1/2 to 2 cups)

Version Two (2 jars):

kale/spinach – 1/2 package

soy protein powder – 2 scoops

water – 1-3/4 cups

bananas (2)

peaches (1-1/2 to 2 cups)

Each full blender of smoothie fills 2 to 2-1/2 spaghetti jars.  I do a double batch, which gives me 4-5 jars.  This lasts for 3-5 days, as I often have jars in a day.  They’re that yummy!

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Are you gluten free (wheat free in my case) and go crazy when your spouse makes Hamburger Helper, because you really, really want to have some for dinner?  A couple times, instead of making a gluten free (or mostly gluten free – not sure if there are other ingredients in the seasoning that have gluten) version from scratch, we’ve replaced the pasta in the box with the same weight (4 oz?) of gluten free pasta.  We save the pouch of pasta from the box for when we make pasta another time.

It’s fast, it tastes delicious, and it’s convenient.  Somehow, making it from scratch is a lot more work and it doesn’t have that same taste!

GF Hamburger Helper1 GF Hamburger Helper2

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My favorite gluten free bread is Udi’s.  It tastes great, has a great texture (not crumbly like some brands), and was low enough in carbs that it wouldn’t spike my blood sugar like some other brands.

In an attempt to be more frugal, I’ve tried on several occasions to make my own gluten free bread.  All have been failed attempts.  I’ll end up with a loaf of bread (if I’m lucky), but it’s more like a brick (or it tastes like one).  Often, I can’t even get the dough to be dough-like enough for rising.  It takes practice, I guess.  I’ve tried several recipes, both in and out of the bread machine.  I know there’s one out there that will work.  I just have to find it.

Here are some pictures of one gluten free bread-baking attempt:

Failed GF Bread1 Failed GF Bread2 Failed GF Bread3 Failed GF Bread4 Failed GF Bread5  Failed GF Bread7 Failed GF Bread8 Failed GF Bread9

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Orange Earflap Baby Hat

This is the Papallona Earflap Hat.  Click here for the pattern.

Orange Earflap Hat1

I used US 7 circulars and Caron Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) Weight 4 yarn in Coral.  I made the pattern in the infant size.  I’m not sure what age it would fit, but it’s definitely larger than a newborn size.

Orange Earflap Hat2

I found Row 6 of the pattern to be very tricky.  I can best describe it as being similar to a butterfly stitch.

Here are my personal Row 6 notes:  K7.  [Take R needle and pick up all three strands as if to knit.  Yarn over and pull through (go back down through the three strands) sot he 3 strands are caught by this new loop.  Knit the next stitch and pass the loop over the knit stitch (like casting off – decreasing).  K9.]  Repeat brackets.  K2 (last set instead of K9).

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