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Festive Table Cloth

We recently bought some patriotic fabric for a new table cloth.  For our table, we purchased two yards.  I used my iron to fold over the edges about 5/8 inch and then to tuck that edge under, making roughly a 1/4 inch hem.  I then sewed it all the way around with my sewing machine.

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Pumpkin Hat

I have to say that this is such a cute hat.  It’s knitted with some golden/orange yarn (most likely weight 4), as well as Caron One Pound in Forest Green (also weight 4).  I used US 8 double pointed needles.  It is sized for a newborn.

I based it on a hat pattern, a stem pattern, and a leaf pattern.  There was a little experimentation as I went along as well.

It was tricky knitting in the round on double pointed needles.  I tried it on circulars, but the circumference wasn’t wide enough, so I had to go back to the DPN’s.

When it came time to tack down the leaf and stem, I kept the stem twisted so that I wouldn’t have to do an extra tendril.

Starting the stem

Starting the leaf

The finished hat!

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Animal Baby Quilt

Using the Triple Rails pattern from Even More Quilts for Baby, by Ursula Reikes, I used blue, green, and animal print fabrics to make a baby quilt.


You start with squares and strips of the various fabrics.

You make fabric strips that alternate the blue and green fabric (triple rails).


You cut the rowed fabric into rectangles or narrow strips.

You make checkerboard squares.

You make rows of fabric that alternate checkerboards and “triple rails.”

You alternate the theme printed fabric with the triple rails.

You sew all of your rows together and you get a great baby quilt top!

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Pregnancy Swim Set #5

This swim set has no warm up, no drills, and no cool down.  It’s just straight intervals.  Go at an easy pace that’s comfortable for you.

Distance:  450 yards/meters

Pregnancy Swim Set #5:

  • Repeat the following three times:  4×25 freestyle, 2×25 breaststroke

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Sweet Potato Fries

I don’t really care for baked sweet potatoes, but I love sweet potato fries.  I enjoy making the sweet potato spears from Chris Carmichael’s Fitness Cookbook.

You cut the potatoes into spears, toss them with EVOO, salt and pepper, and thyme, and then cook them for 45 min. at 400 degrees (flipping them over halfway through).

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More Baby Quilt Fabrics


I picked up some more baby quilt fabrics.  I’m quite excited about them!

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I got a new stir fry cookbook:  Easy Chinese Stir-Fries by Helen Chen.  After purchasing some gluten free soy sauce, I was ready to try it out.

I used ground ginger, GF soy sauce, mushrooms, snow peas, garlic, and bamboo shoots.

Instead of marinating the chicken in cornstarch and rice wine, I used arrowroot and GF soy sauce.

You cook the chicken with the garlic and ginger on high for about two minutes.  Then, you add the veggies.  After that, you add more cornstarch (I used arrowroot) mixed with water.  I also added additional soy sauce for flavoring.  I served it with brown rice.

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This is the “Hearts and Hands” baby quilt from More Quilts for Baby, by Ursula Reikes.

First, you cut strips of fabric.

You have to pick the order you’ll do the strips of fabric, and then you sew the strips together until you have all five strips sewn together.  You’ll have several sets of the connected five strips.

Once the strips are connected, you cut them into sections and join the sections in rows, rotating every other section, so that you have a section with stripes going vertically, then a section with horizontal stripes, etc.

Below is a photo of trimming the edges of a row of connected sections, so that the edges are straight.

Once you’ve completed all of your rows, sew the rows together.  This will give you the rail fence design.  In the photo below, you can see, going across a row, horizontal, then vertical, then horizontal (etc.) sections.

Sew border fabric to opposite sides (top/bottom and right/left).

Here is the completed baby quilt top!  It’s actually quite gigantic and more suited to a toddler bed.

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Today’s Lunch

Here was my lunch (gluten free).  There was also a carrot involved, but it wasn’t in the picture.  It sure was tasty!

  • Two cheeseburger patties, cooked with dijon mustard and parsley, served with cheddar cheese and ketchup
  • Half a sweet potato, cut in spears and cooked with EVOO, salt, pepper, and thyme
  • Carrot (not pictured)

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Since I can’t eat wheat pasta, I decided to make room for gluten free pasta in the cabinet where I store my pasta and rice.

I put the wheat pasta and white rice on the top shelf (that requires a chair to reach), and I left the brown rice and gluten free pasta on the lower shelf.  I probably won’t be putting my GF pasta in storage containers like my wheat pasta, so I have a basket that I can easily pull off the shelf.

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This swim set is for when you find yourself swimming like a slow whale, no matter how hard you try to swim like a speedy seal.

This equals 450 yards or meters, depending on your pool.  If you’re swimming slowly, it might take you 20-30 minutes to complete.

Pregnancy Swim Set #4:

  • Warm up:  4 x 25
  • Drills:  2 x 25 kicking
  • Pyramid:  25-50-75-50-25
  • Cool down:  3 x 25 (consider alternating breaststroke and freestyle)

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If you’ve been looking for a way to organize ideas for Date Night, Family Home Evening activities, or Family Night, activities, here’s an idea for you.

Online, you can find jars or index card boxes full of ideas, but you usually draw out a random idea.  I’ve come up with a way to not only select ideas, but to display them, so everyone knows what you’ll do that week.

I had this magnetic, dry erase menu board that I haven’t been using…

You can see how the back has some nice magnets on it.

I cut paper to fit.

I used two colors.  You can use one.  I wanted to leave the dry erase marker holder, so I cut notches on the paper to fit around it.  I attached the paper to the board with dot runner glue.

I found these amazing labels here.  I printed out about four sheets.

I used a Sharpie marker to write down ideas for Date Night/Family Night.  I also left some labels blank, and  I covered two of the blank labels with packing tape, so that they could be written on with a dry erase marker.  That way, we have extra labels for adding more ideas to the board.

You’ve got to have a Mystery Date card!  Those are often the best dates!  One time, my husband said we were going to the movies, but I had no idea which movie we were going to until he bought the tickets.  It was a fantastic surprise!

I used Tacky Glue to glue paper to both sides of two clothespins.  I would have used hot glue, but my hot glue gun is packed away inside my classroom for the summer.

I used paper to make pockets for the extra idea cards and blank cards, and glued down the pockets with stick glue. I also put a dry erase marker in the holder at the top of the board.  Since it’s magnetic, you can put it on your fridge, so that everyone will see what your planned activities will be for the week.

You can even label the clothespins, such as His/Hers, Parents/Kids, or Family Time/Date Night.  That way, you can have more than one idea up on the board at a time, or more than one person can select each week.

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