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Spinach from the Garden

Last year, I had the hardest time growing spinach.  This year, the spinach leaves are bigger than my hand!  I like to pick them from the garden for an impromptu breakfast or snack.  They’re also great added to salads and the juicer.

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I decided to post this podcast once I finished it, just so I’d have it up here.  It’s for the third workout of Couch 2 5K’s Week 5.  Remember that in Week 5, there are three different workouts, not the same workout repeated three times.  Therefore, I had to make three separate podcasts with the voice from here.

For this workout (if I manage to get to it, let alone survive it), you warm up 5 minutes, jog 20 minutes without stopping, and then cool down 5 minutes.

I used music from Michael Bublé, Glee, Tangled, and TobyMac.
Running Week 5C

Warm Up
Haven’t Met You Yet
Lady is a Tramp

Jog (20 min.)
When Will My Life Begin
When I Get You Alone
Bad Romance
Start Somewhere
Born This Way

Cool Down
I Dreamed a Dream
Somebody to Love

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My original podcast for Couch 2 5K’s Week 2 was made of Christmas music.  Here’s a non-Christmas version.  I used music from The Little Mermaid.

The 6 intervals are for 90 minutes of jogging and 2 minutes of walking.  There is also a 5 min. warm up and 5 min. cool down.

The voice telling me intervals that I used in my podcast came from here.

Running Week 2 Little Mermaid
Warm Up
Fathoms Below
Main Titles
Part of Your World

Under the Sea – R1
Part of Your World (Reprise) – W
Poor Unfortunate Souls – R2
Les Poissons – W
Jig – R3
Kiss the Girl – W
The Storm – R4
Fireworks – W
Destruction of the Grotto – W con’t
Tour of the Kingdom – R5
Wedding Announcement – W
Eric to the Rescue – R6

Cool Down
Eric to the Rescue con’s.
Happy Ending

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Rolling a Ball of Yarn

The last time I tried to roll a ball of yarn, I had a tangled mess.  Luckily this time, I kept everything in a circle on the couch and it worked out well.  It did shed all over the place, though.

Thanks to my brother for the yarn!

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Jogging Update – Feb. 19

I don’t know what happened, but jogging has not been happening lately, at least not since the beginning of this month.  It started to gradually go as I was only doing jogs on weekends, because I didn’t want to get on the treadmill and the only time I could go jogging out of doors (for my schedule, the weather, traffic, etc.) was on weekends.  Then, I got a bad head cold, which I’m still getting over.

Yes, I feel a bit out of shape.

Yes, I think I’m avoiding doing longer runs (for me, 8 minutes of jogging without stopping is a long time).  I’m really avoiding thinking about jogging 20 minutes without stopping (Couch 2 5K’s third workout for Week 5).

I knew when I started Couch 2 5K (again) that I didn’t know how far I would get.  I sure didn’t get very far the first time.  Still, I was surprised that I got to Week 5.  I think having podcasts with my own music helped.

What do I plan to do?  Once I’m completely over this head cold, I’m going to restart Couch 2 5K.  I’ll go back to Week 1 (remember that it’s three workouts per week) and do one workout a day.  Then, I’ll go straight into Week 2 (and so forth and so on).

Since I did Christmas music for Week 2, I did a new playlist with non-Christmas music.  I’ll post the playlist soon.

As I get past Week 2 and into slightly longer jogging intervals, I might need to start spacing the jogs a day or so apart.  I’m considering doing yoga or cardio/strength training workout videos in between jogging days.  We’ll see.

Anyways, I want to exercise on a regular basis again.  I want to progress in my jogging so that I can jog 5K without stopping.  It’s taking forever and I wish I were in the shape I was in 5 years ago.  I guess if I keep at it and get myself eating a bit healthier foods, I’ll get there eventually.  It may just take a while!

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Garden Salad

Here are some of the greens (butterhead, romaine, Farmers’ Market blend, kale, spinach) from my garden that I picked for a lunch salad.  I added chunks of mozzarella, some sliced carrot, and some fajita chicken.  No dressing was needed!  Yum!

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I decided to make some bean and cheese breakfast tacos.

  • Tortillas (I used a 10-pack)
  • Refried beans (I used a can)
  • Shredded mozzarella and cheddar
  • Salsa!

After slightly warming the tortillas so they wouldn’t break when I folded them, I put a little of everything on them.  I spread out the beans to go on all 10 tortillas.

I folded them in half and placed them in a plastic food container lined with aluminum foil.  Then, I stuck them in the freezer.  Warm them up for about 90 sec. (for two) and you’ve got a great breakfast!

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Work has been extremely busy lately, with an endless to do list,  lots of time spent planning lessons or preparing for parent conferences, before-school tutoring, and conferences after school.  By the time I get home, I only want to sit on the couch.  Dinner has been whatever can be prepared in ten minutes or less.  If there is Mac & Cheese or Bird’s Eye Voila! frozen pasta, then that’s what gets cooked.

My jogging has been happening on weekends.  The breaks between jogs, however, have been great for resting up!  The first workout for Week 5 went very well.  I didn’t have any problems jogging three 5-minute intervals.

Here are the intervals for Part 2 of Week 5:

Wk 5 #2

Warm up
W 5 min

R 8 min
W 5 min
R 8 min

Cool Down
W 5 min

Here is the music for the podcast I did (Couch to 5K).  Music is from Pirates of the Caribbean, TobyMac, Glee, Tangled, Emma, Mansfield Park, and The Sound of Music.

Running Week 5B

Warm Up
Jack Sparrow
Two Hornpipes

Start Somewhere – R1
Sway – R1 con’t
When I Get You Alone – R1 con’t
I See The Light – W
My Man – W con’t
When Will My Life Begin – R2
I’ve Got a Dream – R2 con’t
Misery – R2 con’t
Candyman – R2 con’t

Cool Down
Emma Main Titles
Theme from Mansfield Park
Processional and Maria

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Kale from the Garden


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After giving my foot a serious rest from jogging, all was well, so I finished up Week 4’s repeat and was ready to move on to Week 5.  Week 5 will be a big challenge (there’s a 20 minute non-stop jog), so I wouldn’t be surprised if I have to repeat some of it before I move on to Week 6.

Week 5 has 3 different workouts, whereas each previous week had a workout that you repeated a total of three times.

The Couch to 5K podcast I downloaded from here has the intervals for all three of Week 5’s workouts in the same podcast.  I didn’t want to hear it tell me to jog for Day 3 when I’m on Day 1.  I figured out how to highlight sections in Garage Band and delete them, so I cut out the voice telling me anything except for Day 1’s jog.  I did the same thing for separate podcasts for Day 2 and Day 3.

Below, I’ve got some screen shots to help visualize the basics of how I made cuts.

(Above) When you’re looking at Garage Band, you have the section on top where you add in your voice, songs, etc.  At the bottom of the screen, it shows the detailed version of whatever you have highlighted.

(Above) This shows how you can highlight a section of dialogue or song (bottom half of your screen).  Once it’s highlighted, you can press delete and you will no longer hear that bit of dialogue/music.  It will also make the yellow bits on either side into two separate pieces that you can move to different places in your podcast.  (See below for what it will look like at the top of your screen.)

(Above) This is a section of the introduction, where I cut out dialogue about Days 2-3 and kept only the bits for Day 1.  Then, I moved everything over so I wouldn’t have a long pause between dialogue.

Sorry if this isn’t very clear, but I hope it shows that you can cut out parts of the podcast dialogue that don’t relate to Day 1, so that your podcast is only about that day’s workout intervals.

Here are the intervals for Week 5 #1:

Warm up
W 5 min

R 5 min
W 3 min
R 5 min
W 3 min
R 5 min

Cool Down
W 5 min

Here are the songs I picked (from Sense & Sensibility, Tangled, Glee, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)

Running Week 5A

Warm Up
Start Somewhere

Don’t Rain on My Parade – R1
Sway – R1 con’t
When Will My Life Begin – W
Barn Dance – W cont
When I Get You Alone – R2
Misery – R2 con’t
Somebody to Love – W
Candyman – R3
Bad Romance – R3 con’t

Cool Down
Keep Holding On
I Dreamed a Dream

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Fabric Stash

You know it’s time to dig in to your fabric stash when it’s busting out of your storage cabinet!

All of the fabric in the smaller bins (mostly top shelf) are scraps or leftovers from sewing and quilting projects.  The fabric in the bottom consists of unused lengths of fabric, scraps, and quilt tops that need to be layered with batting and quilted.

I’ve started cutting squares to make some baby quilts.  I have so much denim, I’ll probably do a quilt from that as well.

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My Juicer

This is my Champion Juicer.  I found it at a resale shop.  I don’t think the employees knew what it was.  When I checked out, the cashier thought I was buying a meat grinder.

I had been on the lookout for a masticating juicer for a while and was so, so happy I found my Champion.

This is what I juice for two batches of green juice.

  • Kale
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Green apples
  • Lemons
  • Ginger

The kale on the left is from my garden and the kale on the right is from a grocery store.  I really love my garden’s kale.  It’s fantastic eating straight from the garden, and it also goes into the juicer really well.

I put two containers under my juicer.  The one on the left is for pulp, which later goes into my compost bin.  The container on the right is for the juice.

The container on the right holds about 24-30 ounces of liquid, give or take.  It’s enough to fill up a spaghetti sauce jar with some left over.

This is everything cut and ready to go.  The kale and ginger were already in the juicer when I took this photo.

This is about how much pulp I got from the juicer (from all those fruits & veggies).

After juicing, I rinse everything off so it doesn’t harden and be a real pain to clean later.

This was the juice for two batches of green juice.

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