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Salmon Sushi Hand Rolls

I had another go at making hand rolls.  This time, I used sushi rice instead of leftover brown rice.

Sliced smoked salmon

I put the rice into balls to make things easier.

Put one of the rice balls on the nori sheet.


Hold the nori sheet in your hand.

Use your finger to make an indentation in the rice, almost like a channel.

Add your fillings.

Note that the fillings are going on the wrapper on a diagonal.

Start rolling.

Put a dab of rice on the corner to help it stick closed.


They pack well for a snack or meal the next day.  They taste great with soy sauce, too!

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Bento Sauce Containers

How do you get your salad dressing to work in your salad container without pouring it on your salad and wilting the lettuce?  Use a Bento mayonnaise/sauce container!

You can see how it holds the sauce!

So cute!

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How to Use a Breadmaker

Here’s how to use a breadmaker:  Remember to add liquids first, then dry ingredients, and finally yeast on top.  Put a small crater in the flour and put the yeast in that. You can find recipes on several websites online.

You don’t need to mix anything.  Sometimes, I warm up my liquid (water, milk) to 100-110 degrees before putting it in the breadmaker.

Put the pan in the breadmaker and select the type of bread, such as white or wheat.  Some breadmakers have you select the size.  Often, recipes are for 1 pound loaves.

Once you press Start, the breadmaker should do everything and you can walk away until the bread is baked.  Make sure you remove the bread from the pan to a cooling rack immediately and take the mixing paddle out of the bottom of the bread (it often sticks in the bread instead of staying in the pan when you pull the bread out).

If you are doing dough, the bread machine will beep when your dough is finished.  Don’t get mixed up with an early beep (often about 30 min. in) that signals when you can add fruits or nuts to your dough (for fruit and nut breads).

Your dough should look like this after a while.  It should form a ball and not stick to the sides.  If you look at your dough during the mixing stage and see it sticking, add some more flour to the pan.

I like to keep my flour next to the breadmaker in case I need to add flour during the mixing stage.

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This was a yummy lunch from the Raw Food Detox Diet book  I made an avocado sandwich and a salad.

I toasted the bread and added lettuce (from the garden), sliced tomato, sliced avocado, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

For the salad, I had lettuce, avocado, tomato, red bell pepper, and ranch dressing (not raw, not from the book).

It looks like a meal you could get at a restaurant, don’t you think?

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Before I went raw (Raw Food Detox Diet), I made some vegan chocolate-cranberry-almond cookies from the Vegan Cookie Connosseur by Kellie Peloza.

After making the dough, you roll the dough into balls, flatten them, and bake.


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When I was doing my April garden planting, I had some lettuce that was going to seed.  I harvested those plants and needed three bowls.  Yes, I still have lots more lettuce in the garden.  Yeah!

I washed the lettuce and wrapped it in paper towels in zip-lock bags in the fridge.  I’ll use the lettuce for salads or juicing.

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Packing Lunch & Dinner

This is what I packed on one of my work and grad school days (before going raw).  I needed to pack an entire day’s worth of food, as I would be gone for about 14-15 hours.  I packed snacks, lunch, and dinner.

I had pasta, salad, a chicken burger, orange juice, etc.

Here is everything packed.  I used two napkin colors – one for lunch and one for dinner.

Amazingly, everything but the water bottle fit in my lunch kit.  Yeah!

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