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Rice Cookers

I’m planning to get a rice cooker.  I’m trying to decide on a model, capacity, and whether or not to get one with a steamer tray.

If you have a rice cooker, please leave a comment and let me know which type  you have and if it’s working for you.


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Holiday Break

It’s been a great holiday break from teaching school and attending grad school.  I’ve been to see the Nutcracker (in my fancy new party dress) and I also got to see Tangled today.  It’s been nice to sleep in, visit with friends and family, and just relax.

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Another Jayne Cobb Hat

Here is an ear flap hat that I made recently.  I used Vanna’s Choice yarn and knitted with a double strand of yarn.  The pattern is from a Jayne Cobb hat pattern I found online a few years ago.  Jayne Cobb was a character on the TV show, FireflyPlease note that on this particular hat (see above picture), I did not do the colors in the proper order as the original Jayne Cobb hat.

Adding an ear flap…

The finished hat, complete with crocheted ties (great for tying the flaps down on cold, windy days)

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Silicone Steamer Basket

Recently, I purchased a silicone steamer basket.  I found it worked best for me when I put it in a larger pot.

Here are some pictures of when I steamed veggies for fried rice.  The great part about using the larger pot is that I can empty the water and use the same pot for stir-frying the rice and veggies with the sauce.



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How to Plant Potatoes

To plant potatoes, you need potatoes with eyes.  These are potatoes from my previous harvest.

Here’s a close up view.


If you have a large potato with several eyes, you cut the potato into pieces, one eye per piece.  I had small potatoes, so I kept them whole.

I do Square Foot Gardening, so I put one potato (or potato piece) per square.  Dig down and plant them deep.  You want to have some deep soil.  The garden box above is 7 inches tall.

I’ve heard some people say that you can keep piling dirt, straw, etc. on top as the plant grows higher, in order to get more potatoes.

I usually plant in the spring and in the fall.  I harvest when the plants stop growing and look like they’re dying (Sorry, that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for!)

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Little Black Dress


I found this black dress at Target today.  So cute!

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