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Almost Done with Work

I’m almost done with work until January.  We’re having a breakfast party and then we’ll read with flashlights tomorrow.

Today, we watched some films on Native Americans.  I made hot chocolate for everyone and it was a big hit.  When I walked into my classroom after talking to someone in the hallway, the smell of chocolate hit me so strongly!


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Cold Weather!!

Yesterday, it was 80 degrees outside.  We used the air conditioning.  People wore flip flops and shorts.

This morning, it was 39 degrees and windy outside.  Supposedly, the wind chill was in the 20’s.  I took one step outside and went immediately back in for a heavier jacket, hat with earflaps, scarf, gloves, and trouser socks (I’ve never worn socks with my Sketchers!).

What a change in temperature!

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Cakes from “Sometimes We Do” got tagged.  To tag someone, you go to your photos and choose the fifth photo in the fifth album.  Post it on your site and then tag 5 of your friends.

Here’s my modified tag of one friend instead of five.  I’m posting the fifth picture in the fifth folder in my iPhoto library.

I’m tagging my friend Jeanne at “We Are the Wallaces.”

This is from one of my favorite state parks.  I don't get to go often.

This is from one of my favorite state parks. I don't get to go often, because it's quite a drive away. Still, I enjoy sitting under a tree by the river in a comfy chair as I read a lovely book.

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